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CISOs have the Highest Turnover of any Executive Position Because of Misalignment.

Fortify Experts has developed a Step-by-Step approach to assess your needs and align them to the right Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).  The CISO is a vital executive member who can protect your firm's reputation and investor confidence.  The right CISO can add significant value and even turn an ROI with the right strategic approach. 

Fortify Experts Retained Executive Search has refined the CISO hiring process.  With dozens of CISO hires within the past few years, we have a proven search process we will share with you in our Insiders' Guide to Hiring a Great CISO.

We will teach you how to assess and align expectations on both sides to ensure the hiring fit leads to a long successful tenure.

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You can't afford to hire the wrong CISO.

After developing and using this methodology, 91% of our CISO placements are still delivering for that same company after 5 years.  We are so confident in our approach, we are the only Executive Search Firm who offers a 5-Year Placement Guarantee on CISO’s.

If you want to hire a great CISO who is matched to your company’s specific needs, request our Guide on How to Hire a Great CISO.  Follow this step-by-step guide and call us if you need any assistance along the way.  We want you to be successful and we want your next CISO to deliver successfully for you.

Hiring the wrong CISO can be extremely costly both financially and can damage your firms’ reputation.  Don’t take a chance.

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