2021 Cybersecurity Employment Trends 

What every leader needs to know to maintain a higher performing team.

Learn how these 7 trends will impact your hiring decisions.


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If you participate in the hiring of security talent, you will not want to miss this report.  It includes:


  1. Accurate Employment Gap #'s - Hint: It's NOT 3.5M!
  2. Shocking Turnover Trends -  And what you can do to prevent turnover.
  3. Remote Work - Find out how this could be a problem for your team!
  4. Salary Ranges - See if your team is being paid current market rates.
  5. Diversity Trends - How can you leverage diversity to create a competitive advantage.
    … and much more.


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“Has to be by far the best presentation on cyber hiring trends, careers, and diversity that I’ve seen." 

Andrew Aken, PhD, CIO, Tweezzle

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